10 Finished Pages - My 2011 24 Hour Comic Day Attempt

Conclusion for now!

2011-10-02_07-33B.mp3 Listen on Posterous


Small hours update

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Progress report after takings break for dinner

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Progress - writing and thumbnails

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Comic work in progress

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Laying the foundation : character, plot, thumbnails. #24hcd

Before the big event ( audio test 2 )

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Pre-24 hour comic day thoughts. Testing out options to conveniently post audio so I can easily journal throughout the day.

Getting Ready for 24 Hour Comic Day

- Setup a new tumblr - check.

- Testing out sending an audio file - check.

- Get a good night’s rest - I’ll let you know.

Waiting for my email audio to arrive

I posted a test to this tumblr over an hour ago… still hasn’t appeared. Hmm.